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I am writing to update you on the forecasted snowpack run-off for the Irrigation season. To start off the upper water shed snowpack water equivalent as of March 17 th is 123% of average and at the same time in it was 78% of average. The lower water shed was 119% of average on March 17 th and last year it was 63%. Based on the current conditions the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) is forecasting a total water supply of 1,290,000 ac/ft April – July. In order to prevent erosion the right techniques will need to be employed. The good news is that there will be enough water to pay back the last years borrowed water and still have a full season and a carry-over for the next irrigation season. The BOR is predicting that they will not have to call an allocation at this time. Keep in mind that the situation can change fast and the district will make every effort to keep you informed. The Board of directors will address early water at their April Meeting. We have at least one landowner that has requested that if we have another allocation in any upcoming year he would like to have all of his water usage emailed to him each week. If you would like to have that same information we will need to keep current email addresses for you here in the office. Please send your name, phone number (home and cell), email address, the date and address to make sure that the information will be sent to the landowner. We cannot email anyone else’s information to you unless we have their written permission.

We are requesting that ALL Riverview fences be (moved at least 25’ from the top inside edge of all Canals and ditches), gates, equipment, any and all other personal property is to be removed right away because District personnel will be starting Spring Maintenance soon for the irrigation season. As you know because of the wet winter we are already 2 – 3 weeks behind. The next point I need to again address is graveling district access roads. Some have visited with me and we are getting it worked out but some have not addressed graveling the district access roads and it needs to be completed prior to this irrigation season. You should understand that due to outside maintenance getting started later we will have to hire a contractor to do the graveling if it has not been completed by May 1st and you will be responsible for 100% of the cost. The cost of gasoline to ride the ditches keeps going higher and that means the ditchrider will not be back tracking on his ride.

It is imperative that you place your water order early enough to allow the adjustments needed to get the water ready for your delivery. Water orders will need to be made with the ditchrider a minimum of 3 days in advance for both ON and OFF.

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